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Game Hero, 4 - 2

Adam Freaking Everett
  • Of all people
  • 1 for 3, 3 RBI, 1 R
  • Twice on base
  • Up the ladder to rob Zim in the fourth

Kinda slim pickings today as far as individual performances. You could kinda tell Pettitte wasn't gonna be at his sharpest immediately (thank you Mr. Byrd) and he ended with a 48 game score, while each reliever looked subtly off while still getting the job done.

Berkman and PW both fail to keep their modest HR streaks going, and Biggio looked lost at the plate the way he can get.

You can't ignore 3 RBI and a run scored on a day when no-one else dominates, and besides, I like it when the little guys win something. . . .

Ensberg is the solid second place finisher as he was the only player in crunch time with an extra base hit. But he had the error and the lone ribbie.

Play of the game I think is a bit more obvious: the 1-3-5 DP in the second that kept the game from careening away in the way that last night's did.