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Game Hero/WPA, 3 - 1

Brandon Backe
  • W, 1 - 0
  • 6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 3 K, 1 lonely BB
  • Ah, the magic of a cortisone shot . . .

OK, maybe the breakout regular season is in the cards after all.

Again, I didn't see this (Ween RAWKED!), but it sounds as if Brandon was both amped-up AND focused. I'm considering actually buying the game, if only to see Backe bounce around the infield like a pinball.

The stat line Brandon produced last night has got to feel like vindication for him, both after a spring marred by three terrible performances, and after an offseason in which the so-called pitching experts dismissed the Astros' chances in large part because they doubted Backe could carry the larger load Houston was going to ask of him.

Although you can't yet dismiss as history the problems Brandon's had with his back, an Astro fan this morning would be more than just a little silly if he wasn't a little excited about the possibilities for this team Brandon's performance opens up.

It's just one start, but jeez, if he can keep doing this, everything we'd hoped for could come true.

Win Expectancy Chart

click to open larger version in new window

Top Five Astros
Backe   0.293
Berkman    0.173
Biggio   0.058
Taveras   0.035
Buchholz   0.032
Bottom Four Astros
Lamb -0.004
Ausmus -0.016
Ensberg -0.020
Lane -0.029
Top Three Nationals
Vidro   0.058
Rodriguez   0.014
Schneider   0.007