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Matchup/Preview/Thread Game # 4 vs. Nationals, 7:05 CST


Tony Armas   Brandon Backe
0 - 0, 0.00    0 - 0, 0.00

So it's zen-master Jose Guillen and his Washington Nationals tonight and this weekend against Brandon, Taylor, and Roy, Roy, and Andy. Do you think that Jim Hickey has told Brandon to make sure and work Guillen inside tonight, and hey, if you happen to hit him, and he loses his composure, all the better for us?

Or do you think this wild man act of his actually intimidates pitchers?

Ok, forget I asked that last question. It's patently absurd, I realize. Maybe you saw the interview with Pedro: Martinez was doing his sincere best not to crack up when discussing Guillen.

Speaking of the Mets, did you hear Carlos Beltran? After hearing a good amount of booing through the first couple games, he hit a big jack in the seventh inning yesterday, and had to be coaxed out of the dugout for the curtain call. "Put it this way," Carlos sniffed, "I'm a friend not only when you're doing well, I'm a friend when you're not doing so well. . ."

If this a sign that Carlos is unhappy in New York, then I am pleased. Every two-bit columnist in the MSM, and every hyperthyroid blogger on the net predicted Beltran would have difficulties in New York, but he had to split for what amounted to extra ad revenue.

And now we're being proven right. Well, you made your bed Carlos, lie in it and shut the hell up.

Pretty easy to identify the best player on the field tonight with the PECOTA 50% WARP-1 I'm using for the preview tonight. But check out Adam Everett under this system that considers defense: he's CRUSHING Rastaman Royce.

I doubt I'll catch any of the game this evening, as I and a couple buddies are heading down to Club Iguana or whatver they're calling it now to check out those narcotics-addled masters of the eclectic, and high priests of the cult of the Boognish, Ween. I don't know if they still use the word stoked, but still, I'm pretty stoked.

I've even celebrated the much-anticipated show by picking up a six pack of Bigfoot, which I'll have you know is the Meat Puppets' first album of alcoholic beverages.

I realize some of this may not make any sense.

Go Astros!