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Game Hero, 2 - 1

Lance Berkman
  • The Game Hero that kinda snuck up on you
  • 2 for 3, 1 R, 3 RBI
  • Hit team's first homer of the year
  • Threw in a walk for good measure

Nice to get the home runs from Berkman and PeeDub, nice to get the game-saving defense from Adam. And much to the consternment of his detractors, nice to see Wandy get the win. He's 11 - 10 in the majors folks. One more and he'll tie Pete Munro on the Astros' win list. :-)

Things to work on:

  • Getting Jason Lane a hit (although he had a nice 10-pitch walk)
  • Getting Eric Munson same
  • Getting Biggio into his Boxes.

Would have preferred a sweep.