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vs. Marlins, 8:05 CST


Sergio Mitre   Andy Pettitte
0 - 0, 0.00

0 - 0, 0.00

Ex Cubs farmhand/Quad A guy has been picked up by the Marlins ragtag group, and whaddya know? He's been made number two starter!

It is certainly to be hoped that the Astros' lineup can solve Mitre; they never did figure out Willis, despite the fact that Willis looked more like a train wreck than anything else for good parts of last night.

Hell, maybe that was why he gave Houston fits. . . .

Mitre is 0 - 0 lifetime with a 2.57 ERA in 1 start and 7 innings against Houston.

For his part, Andy is 1 - 0 with a 1.13 ERA against Florida.

Savvy fans like saylinara (who I got the news from) are all over the fact that Brandon Backe's back has gone wacky, and his scheduled Wednesday start has been pushed back, but did you hear that the Astros are gonna trade for Dontrelle?