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2006 Minor League Rosters

The affiliates at Corpus Christi, Salem, and Lexington announced their Opening Day rosters today.  In addition the AAA Round Rock Express had made their initial 2006 roster  available on their website sometime recently.

JR Towles back at Lexington might be something of a surprise, no?  And if we don't know whether Roger Clemens will be spending any time at Minute Maid this summer, it appears as if he will be spending time at Applebee's Park.

Hunter Pence at Corpus Christi and Troy Patton at Salem?  I thought the two were inseparable:  Patton and Pence, Pence and Patton.

Kinda glad to see Brian Gordon found a job with the Express.  Not sure why, maybe because he seemed so disposable playing the outfield in the early going in Spring Training, when Willy T was still at the WBC.  Good luck to him, I say.

Maybe more later, if something occurs to me.