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Matchup/Thread/Preview Game # 1 vs. Marlins

Glad This Ain't the WBC


Dontrelle Willis   Roy Oswalt
0 - 0, 0.00
0 - 0, 0.00

So, Opening Day, and the last time we faced Dontrelle, this guy, all he did was drop a complete-game on our ass, and in the middle of a pennant race, too.

Fortunately for Houston, many of the players who helped Willis get that done are gone, names like Luis Castillo, Jeff Conine, Carlos Delgado, Paul LoDuca, being just the barest selection of those who were frantically jettisoned.

But this is baseball, folks, and there's no room or time for pity. Need to steamroll the Marlins and get the leg up just in case some of those games with the Brewers don't go all our way.

Roy Oz begins his third consecutive 20-win season tonight, Willy T begins his 200-hit campaign this evening. . .why Berkman might even hit one of his 45 jacks this evening, there's just too much going on, and the time to say it in is running quickly down.

Though it was rushed to completion, I am pleased to return with the highly prized statistical preview in which the teams are matched up in an obscure statistical category position by position. Because the Marlins have almost no statistical record, it was kind of obvious that I would be going with some kind of projection stat. 50% PECOTA EqA, seems reasonable, and more importantly was quick to retrieve.

Forgive me if I got some of the Marlins guys wrong, y'know?