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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 23 at Reds 12:15 CST

Andy Pettitte Aaron Harang
1 - 3, 4.35 3 - 1, 4.55

No more bloop hits and seeing eye singles. Such is my decree today. Not that Roy looked all that great last night, or that you could make any kind of a case that the Astros should have won the game, but the Reds received more than their share of luck last night, most notably when Phillips hit what would end up being the difference-making single up the box off Qualls with two outs and an 0 - 2.

You lose coz Adam Dunn had three walks and two shots, OK. Losing like they lost last night: a little tougher.

Speaking of tough luck, that's Andy Pettitte over his last three starts. He sucked there for a while, but he's fixed the problem. He just hasn't seen the results.

Andy Pettitte's Schizoid Season
Last 3 Games 20 2.25 1.05 2.67 0.45 0 - 2
First 2 Games 11 8.74 2.43 1.75 4.37 1 - 1

Berkman is 4 for 19 with four walks off Harang--with all four hits being taters. Everett is 6 for 19 off him, Biggio 9 for 26 with three doubles.

Overall, Harang is 2 - 5 against Houston with a 4.87 ERA. He was 1 - 2 last year against us, the one win being a game you might remember: vs. Roger Clemens on May 30, Harange went 7 shutout, but left after 7 with a 2 - 0 lead. The Reds then scored 7 in the ninth for the 9 - 0 final.

Lefty is 2 - 1 with a 1.97 against the Reds in 32 innings and has never given up a homer to them. Griffey (though it kind of looks like we won't see him) has a homer off Andy, and .444 batting average in 39 AB's. Dunn is 1 for 11 with one walk off And, Kearns 4 for 9 with 1.028 OPS. Quinton McCracken is 2 for 7 with an RBI and a .929 OPS.