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Game Hero, 14 - 6

Needless to say, no card available
Dave Borkowski
  • Welcome to the National League, Dave
  • 4 IP, 1 H, 4 K, 0 BB, 0 ER
  • 13 batters faced, 12 retired
  • 58 pitches thrown, 40 strikes

Perhaps it's Dave Borkowski who should close.

If this year's theme is going to be contributions from players who are making their debuts in the National League, as with Taylor's 8-2/3 the other night, or if we keep winning Nieve's starts, then the jaw-dropping effort from Borkowski last night will fit in very nicely.

I didn't use quite the same word last night during the Game Thread, but it was fairly apparent the Astros were doomed, there. All the "good" pitchers were gone, and the choice was very stark: Zeke Astacio, or a career minor leaguer just up from Round Rock.

Then Mr. Borkowski simply spun the most dominating pitching performance for Houston since the last time Wandy pitched.

Props to Zeke, who can maybe give Lidge some instruction on how to keep the guy on third from scoring in a tight game. And Berkman, who redeemed himself for a terrible at bat earlier in extras to hit the double that sealed the Dodgers' fate. Or Mr. Two-Game Hit Streak, who twice came up in a situation where he had to hit the ball in the air after not having done so in like ten days, and did so.

Truest words, of course come from Preston. "It was just nice to get the win so we could all go to bed," Wilson said.

Goddamned right.