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Game Hero/WPA, 8 - 4

Lance Berkman
  • 3 for 5, 3 RBI, 2 doubles
  • Hitting .356, slugging .822
  • That nifty play on Gonzo in the first, too
  • And he beat Green to the bag in the fourth:
  • the new, speedy Berkman. . . .

Taveras had the most significant hit of the game, but he was so lousy in big situations the rest of the game, he only finished third of Astro players in win probability added.

Russ Springer ranked sixth, and he appears to be the fulcrum upon which the game turned.

One second, we're contemplating a two run double from Gonzo off a very shaky Gallo that would get the D-Backs up 4 - 1, the next, Ensberg's trotting around and it's 8 - 2 Astros.

It was pretty apparent that Nieve was tired when Garner came to get him, but if you maybe wish he'd pitched more, you really can't argue with the results he got while he was still in. You both hope and expect he can go longer in his next start.

Win Expectancy Chart

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Top Five Astros
Berkman   0.284
Burke    0.144
Taveras   0.117
Lidge   0.087
Ensberg   0.085
Bottom Four Astros
Ausmus -0.040
Nieve -0.085
Everett -0.088
Wheeler -0.092
Top Three D-Backs
Davanon   0.144
Gonzo   0.020
Estrada   0.007