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Game Hero, 5 - 2

Morgan Ensberg
  • Tenth inning solo shot brought the Astros back from the grave
  • On base five times
  • 2 for 3, 2 R, 1 RBI
  • 7 for 15 in the Nats series, hitting .409, w/ a .580 OBP this year

So Eric Bruntlett lifts the Astros to victory in an extra-innings game started by John Patterson AGAIN.

Lance and Preston each homer once in a game AGAIN.

Wandy avoids the loss AGAIN.

And Jason Lane fails to get a hit AGAIN.

With so many good things happening, I'll stay away from Lidge getting burned by another lightweight*, but you gotta look at Jason Lane.

Hands up, who thought Lane had busted out Saturday with the 2fer4 and the homer? And gave him a pass yesterday 'coz of the walks? Me, too. Didn't see the game, but probably didn't need to, as 0 for 5 paints its own picture. All you need is one big hit, Jason, to turn your day around from a disaster to one where you at least treaded water.

Just ask Biggio.

And my, my, it was REAL nice to see a breakout game from Qualls.

* metaphorically speaking only, of course.