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vs. Royals at Minute Maid Park 6:05 CST

Jeremy Affeldt vs. Taylor Buchholz to close out the Spring Training portion of our program, thank gosh, and no real reason, but it'd sure be nice if this team could avoid 20 spring losses.

Or split a series at the least with the Royals.

Looking to see whether Kevin Orie was cut today (he wasn't, near as I can tell), I mosied on over to the Chronicle site, and writer David Baron had a very interesting story about how the club takes aim at the .500 mark this season.  

Not 81 wins for the year, but rather 7081 for the lifetime of the franchise.  Good story, they even got a quote from Bob Aspromonte.  You can click the "thank gosh" above, it'll take you over there.

Oh, and Jeff Sackmann takes a look at the PECOTA and the ZIPS projections for the 2006 Astros' staff at Beyond the Boxscore.   I'm used to the doubt at Brandon and Wandy, and lord knows I'm used to the talk about how the Astros can't overcome the (purely hypothetical) loss of a 13 - 8 pitcher, but some of the negativity about Lidge was kinda nerve-wracking for me, to tell the truth.