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vs. Braves at Osceola County Stadium 1:05 EST

Roy Oswalt throws to Brad Ausmus, Tim Hudson starts for the Braves, and betcha it doesn't go 18.

Trever Miller, Chad Qualls, Wandy Rodriguez and Joe Valentine will follow Oswalt, and you'd imagine that Jeff Bagwell will lead off again.  And I guess the way it will work is the second time through they'll pinch hit for him.

Ortiz writes that

The next stage of Bagwell's 'tryout camp' will include throwing and hitting in the same game. He plans to move into that stage next week by taking grounders and hitting in the same day.
So maybe he tries to play first base sometime around the 15th?

Like Eric Wedge and Richard Justice and Jayson Stark and Lisa Gray and Buster Olney (I think) and everyone else who has weighed in, I'm pulling for Bagwell this spring.  But it's obviously gonna take some patience.

Tomorrow's split squad contest with the Phillies will be on MLB.TV, and I figure I'll go ahead and do a full play by play game thread, for what it's worth.