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vs. Kansas City at Minute Maid, 7:05 CST

Brandon Backe (1 - 3, 8.87 this spring) vs. Joe Mays (0 - 1, 7.45)

You'd say this was Brandon Backe's "final tuneup" before starting game three of the season-opening series against the Marlins next Thursday, except it might be Backe needs more of an overhaul than a tuneup.

Backe, however, is 1 - 1 with a 3.65 against Kansas City over the the course of his career, and 10 - 3 with a 3.12 at M2.

And no more of those annoyingly gusty Florida winds whipping through those low-rise Florida State League parks. . . .

So maybe the opponent and the venue give him a boost.

This game should be televised, it really should.