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vs. Indians at Winter Haven 1:05 EST

Second to last game of the Florida schedule, and last start before Opening Day for Roy as he faces Jason Johnson,  the newly-secure Grady Sizemore and the rest of the Tribe.

MLB.TV, not that that does me much good at work.

After tomorrow's game at Osceola County Stadium vs. the Dodgers, the team will pack up and head back to Houston for two weekend exhibitions against the Royals, and you know what this means:  only 36 hours or so remaining in which to cut Steve Sparks, who MUST be left behind.

I continue to work with others smarter than me on SBNation's scrumpdillyicious Opening Day NL Central roundtable, and I hope to post the first part of that Friday, as well as the first installment of what I hope will be regular and recurring content on Jeff Bagwell's long and extremely accomplished career.

For today, the question is whether Roy can keep that very fine 5:1 spring strikeout-to-walk ratio going, that and whether or not Brad Ausmus might hit another triple.

Oh, and about yesterday, when Carlos Hernandez pitched well in an intrasquad  minor league game with Garner watching.  Garner told The Chronicle that because the 'Stros don't need a fifth starter til April 11, Carlos remains in the hunt to be brought up from Round Rock for the job.

Does this mean that against all evidence, Buchholz is NOT gonna be the guy?  And if Carlos is still being considered, is Zeke?