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Vs. Yankees at Tampa 7:15 EST

Carlos Hernandez to start and Zeke to follow as the Astros play a road game at Legends Field.

"Legends Field."  A  little overblown ain't it? Especially considering the setting.  I think the shock and awe they're trying to communicate might just be conveyed  a little better back in the Bronx.   If the Empire wants to build a monument to its own greatness, fine.  Just do it in New York.  After all, it ain't like Lou Gehrig ever played a game at "Legends Field."

I love ripping the Yankees.

Anyway, Carlos Hernandez to be followed by Zeke.
If last night was about long relief, Buchholz vs. Nieve, tonight could be about number five.

No Bags, no Biggio, certainly.  No Berkman?  Not sure about Lance.  Guess we'll see.

Someone named "Scott Proctor" will be starting for the team I never get sick of being sick and tired of.  

Those attending may wish to question Sheffield on those fresh steroid rumors. . . .