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"The Awful Truth"

Last week, when Jeff Bagwell left the March 14 game against Atlanta early with soreness, he told us not to be alarmed.  It was no story, but "[i]f after the off day and I'm playing two innings and came out of the game, then there's a story," is what Jeff said at the time.

Well, the off day came and went, and Bagwell DID in fact leave the Tuesday game after two innings.

It appears Bagwell still doesn't think it's a big deal, but Lisa Gray thinks it's time for Bagwell to admit the awful truth.

Bagwell will be off today as only a portion of the team travels to Tampa to play the Yankees tonight, and littlevisigoth was telling us last night that Jeff will probably DH tomorrow.  Saturday, they'll see how it's going.

I don't see this going on much longer, to be very honest.