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Odds and Sods

I haven't voted yet, but I have peeked at the results so far, and boy, you people are all over the Cardinals, huh?

I mean, yeah, OK, they have the best hitter in baseball, and yeah, the baseball writers told us that they have the NL's best pitcher (even if they were wrong), but what ELSE they got?

Jim Edmonds is gonna be 36, and the thing is, it will be an old 36.  If he goes down, the Cards are looking at a starting outfield of So Taguchi, Larry Bigbie, and Juan Encarnacion.

They're going from Grudzielanek to Spivey at second, and that's 200 points of OPS disappearing right there.

And they'll try to use Braden Looper of all people to set up for Izzy, who's a little overrated himself.

Anyway, I may end up picking the Cards, but I'm a little surprised everyone seems to be so hands down about it.


Was also thinking about Munson as backup catcher some more, just trying to imagine the pitcher-catcher matchups.  If it's decided to use Munson, you know it won't be Roy or Andy he'll be working with, it'll be the back half of the rotation.  

And I just have questions 1) about how well a guy with no catching experience will handle Backe's curve or even Wandy's screwball-looking thing that breaks away from a catcher's body and 2) if Zeke and Wandy are your number four and number five, whether an anglo is likely to work with them better than Chamo or Quintero.  

I'm pretty sure Wandy's fluent, but even so, I'm just thinking in terms of maximizing the comfort level of pitchers who may not be your most talented, and could use any edge you could give them.

I think even is Ausmus is somewhat handicapped when catching those two--and he's a consummate pro.

Here's Garner on Munson after last night's game:

He told me so far he's felt pretty comfortable behind the plate. He receives the ball nicely, gives a nice target, is not jumpy behind the plate. We'll take a look at him.

The Chronicle on the same page as the Garner quote notes that Brian Gordon was sent down yesterday.  Gordon is one of those guys who you never had a shot, and then he didn't do all that well besides.  You wish him luck at Round Rock, though.


Another night game, this one at OCS vs. the Indians at 7:05.  I should be able to get my work in and be back in time ready to do the inning by inning thing.  Buchholz followed by Nieve I think.