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Spring Training Photos

Got a very pleasant email from Dave Fischer over at The Good Phight, the Phillies entry in this SBNation thing, who I remember were very friendly last September even as they had plenty of reason to hate all us Astro-representatives.

Dave had gone down to Florida for Spring Training and had taken some pictures during the March 11 game at OCS which pitted Ryan Franklin for the Phils against Brandon for us.

So he sent them along.  What a guy.

Wild man Backe gives up two windblown homers to Ryan Howard--but exactly nothing else
Bagwell gets used to hitting second

Ausmus playing some of the defense for which he is justifiably famous
Bagwell went 0 for 3
"Let's see, 2795 from 3000 leaves  . . . ."
Daydreaming aside, Bidge was 1 for 3 with a single
Bags was a little pissed that his first game in the field was televised
Hector Gimenez spelled Ausmus
Lamb took over for Ensberg and homered about five minutes after this photo was taken

thanks again to Dave for these.