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Spring Doldrums

Ah, the pitfalls of blogging during Spring Training.

While it almost seems self-evident that as ST is going on, I should try to post every day, the fact that the games for the most part occur at 1:00 when I'm at work, and that they for the most part aren't broadcast anyway has made things difficult and troublesome.

Take yesterday.  The Astros beat a split squad Yankee team 10 - 5, but what jumps out at you is that starter Brandon Backe 4 runs over five innings.  So I was gonna write that Backe "suffered his first poor outing of the spring," but then I thought about it, and figured, well, you know, I'm not CERTAIN he had a poor outing; maybe he had some bad luck and then made one bad pitch.  Or two.

 And then I might find myself swayed by, or even defer to, The Chronicle article  that quotes Brandon as saying "I felt pretty good out there." Problem is at that point--and it's a point I've reached more than a few times this spring--I'm just copying content available to any of my readers elsewhere.  

It's a tough situation, and one that won't be solved  until I can take firsthand looks at the team's games after it returns to Houston.
In the meantime, I'd just like to say that while I'll admit the posts haven't exactly been incendiary around here, I'm aware of the problem and am looking forward to Opening Day as much as anyone.