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vs.Yankees at OCS 1:05 EST

As pundits wonder the meaning of Jeff Bagwell's early exit this morning, I'll just say that as fans, the slack that we're naturally inclined to give Jeff for not being able to perform right now is running out.
I mean it's OK if he wants to remove himself from a spring training game on March 14 after two innings.  It really is.  But if he leaves for Houston with the major league team, those kinds of things are not gonna be an option then. . .

Even if you're not following the WBC, you've probably noticed that you have more info about the progress of the extravaganza than you meant to, acquired by sheer osmosis as both ESPN and MLB have had the thing slathered across the front pages of their respective websites.  And if that's so, then you've probably heard by now that Venezuela has been eliminated.  Which in our Astroverse, means that Carlos Hernandez will be rejoining the Houston mjaor league camp shortly.  

Andy Pettitte looks to build on last Friday's  throwing session against at least two of his old teammates as the Astros face the Yankees today at Osceola County Stadium.  Pettitte will be making his first spring start, and will be followed by Steve Sparks, Mike Gallo, and Juan Gutierrez.

I knew I shoulda called in sick:  the game will be televised by ESPN.