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Wheeler Gives Up Crucial Jack in WBC

Good guy Dan Wheeler, called upon by Team USA to start the fourth inning of last night's affair with South Korea, and asked to keep the 3 - 1 deficit he inherited from increasing, instead imploded.

After getting the first two outs of the frame after he entered, Wheeler gave up a double to Korea's second place hitter.  Buck Martinez then had Dan intentionally walk third place hitter Seung Yeop Lee, who had already homered off Dontrelle Willis.

Fair enough.  But then Wheeler gave up a three-run shot to Hee Seop Choi, and game over.

I look at the WBC the way I look at most everything else in this world:  how does it affect the Astros, or reflect on them?  So of course I wanted Lidge, Wheeler, Gallo, Willy T, and Carlos Hernandez to sail through the WBC contests without getting hurt  or even exerting themselves too much.  AND for what little it matters, I wanted the pitchers to carry 0.00 ERA's and for Willy to hit 1.000.  

Oh well.  Even Dontrelle Willis should find that this will all be forgotten by Opening Day.

Spring Training game tonight vs. the Braves, and all your favorite stars should be playing:  Berkman!  Everett!  Bagwell!

I'd very much like to do an inning by inning diary as I listen in this evening, looks like the KTRH feed will be available.