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A week or so ago I had suggested in one of the diaries that maybe it would be Eric Bruntlett who would be the loser if Jeff Bagwell broke camp with the major league club, that maybe Bruntlett would get sent to AAA.

Then littlevisigoth I think reminded us that Bruntlett is out of options.

Oh yeah, them.

If you're like me, you're familiar with the concept but kind of unsure about the execution.
How many options do you get?  When do you lose 'em?  When do you keep 'em?

I had no idea, in most cases, but I came across a good article on the Rangers site that explains some of the different scenarios, albeit with players for Texas.

Since I wrote that little opinion it's become quite apparent not only from what littlevisigoth wrote but from things written by Footer and McTaggart that I was way off base; it wouldn't be Bruntlett at all getting sent to Round Rock, it would be Taveras.

Still, if let's say the club were dead set admant about sending Bruntlett to AAA, all they'd have to do is remove him from the 40-Man roster, at which point it looks like the options part becomes irrelevant.