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Vs. Nationals at OCS 1:05 EST

In general, I've got something of a soft spot for knuckleballers.  I wasted some emotional time and effort supporting Jared Fernandez a couple years back, and that sure was futile, but us knuckleball aficonados, we're a resilient bunch.

That having been said, is it too early to start with the Steve Sparks jokes?  

  • With 25 pitchers in camp, Sparks ranks 25th in spring ERA with a rock solid 18.00
  • Sparks also features a WHIP of 3.00, a number high enough to be problematic
        when facing big-leaguers
  • You like new stats?  How about K/HR?  Sparks is at precisely one, which leads
        me to hope he keeps the strikeouts down this afternoon.