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Our "Dear Aubrey" Letter

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ESPN reports that Aubrey Huff signs a 3-year $20M deal with the Orioles

Mr. Aubrey Huff
Baltimore, MD
Dear Aubrey--

Good luck with the Orioles. I'm glad they stepped in there for you, because it was getting a little uncomfortable watching your free agency period go down. Did you see that article on, that was like, why hasn't anyone signed this guy?

Anyway, all's well that ends well. There were a lot of words posted in your defense on the Astro message boards across the web, but obviously Purpura and company had no interest at all in re-signing you.

I mean, really. None at all.

Try not to take it personally, though. Except for the batting average--which was a little low, to be honest-- you were the same player as an Astro that your career averages had shown you to be. Doubles per 150 games were a little lower, homers per 150 games a little higher, but it all averaged out. Your OBP as an Astro (.341) was two points lower than your career mark before you came here, and your SLG as an Astro was only one point less.

Again, except for that batting average, you were exactly as advertised, and there's no shame in that.

I mean, when some of us saw that we'd given up Ben Zobrist and Mitch Talbot to get you, and we saw that .311-.367-.555 line you put up at Tampa in 2003, we'd kind of hoped that with the more competitive environment, you might put up a half-season that might have approached the '03 numbers, but hey.

You can't be responsible for our unrealistic expectations. We understand that.

Actually, I was kind of hoping it was YOU who wouldn't be bitter. Pretty apparent now that you were brought in for one reason and for one reason only: to light a fire under our flaky incumbent third baseman. Well, we'll see how well that works, but I might not even blame you if you started telling the Baltimore media you felt a little bit used by the Astros.

Given the class with which you carried yourself as an Astro , though, you probably won't be going that route.

So anyway, just wanted to say that no matter the opinions of those who might talk about your having been a disappointment, or who said you were a "defensive liability," that there were no hard hard feelings here.

Hope you rake back in the American League.

Your pals at
The Crawfish Boxes.