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Hirsh Comments

Was just reading some Rockies news and some of Hirsh's comments after being traded. Take them for what you will... From here.

"I was pretty shocked. For about an hour and a half, I was just sitting there. I couldn't believe [the Astros] would trade me away without giving me an opportunity to show myself in Houston."
Welcome to the bigs buddy.

"I understand they gave away a prized possession in Jason Jennings, and they really are looking to fill his shoes. But I also see it from the standpoint that it's a chance to make my name somewhere else, rather than sit behind Roger Clemens, Roy Oswalt and Andy Pettitte in Houston."
Evidently he doesn't read the news... Pettitte signed with the Evil Empire!

I apologize for lack of content... Astros news is pretty slow ya know...

There's a pretty good article/commentary by John Lopez from the Houston Chronicle here about the current state of the Astros that you might want to take a look at if you have a few minutes.