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Jason Hirsh Interviewed at

Could This Be The Face of a Self-Absorbed Asshole?

Wading through the torrents of reaction to the Jennings trade, one thing I saw more than once that surprised me, was the opinion expressed at certain message boards that the loss of Jason Hirsh was no great loss, because of a certain primadonna attitude he had carried.

It was the first I'd heard.

Perhaps I was just fooled by what I read from Jason at his Brothers In Arms website, or the various journal entries he took the trouble to make at, but Hirsh always seemed to me to have his head screwed on fairly well. I mean, it seemed he believed he had a great talent, but then again, I wouldn't disagree with that assessment, either.

And of course, those who come here often know that I'd sooner believe (and hope and wish) that the players I follow all year long are good people.

So until further compelling evidence is received, that's how I'm going to consider Jason Hirsh, and certainly the interview they have posted at changes my mind not at all. Hirsh comes across the same way he always has to me: easygoing and forthright.