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Tigers want Luke?


Q. Are the Tigers done dealing, drafting, buying and otherwise tweaking their team ahead of spring training?

A. Plan on one more move. A left-hand hitting outfielder is coming soon to a Comerica Park clubhouse near you. The Tigers might yet deal for Luke Scott, the 28-year-old outfielder they apparently chased hard at last week's Winter Meetings.
The conversations were trade-heavy, although no deals were made on Detroit's end. A potential three-way swap with Baltimore and Houston (Marcus Thames to Baltimore, Rodrigo Lopez to Houston and Luke Scott to Detroit) reportedly was close, but dissolved.
And from the detroit free press
The Tigers tried to work out a three-way trade with the Astros and Orioles that would have netted them Luke Scott, but they were unsuccessful. Baltimore wants Marcus Thames, but the club can't fill the Tigers' needs. As a result, the two teams have been looking for a third team to send Detroit a left-handed hitter or lefty reliever. Scott, who is expected to be the Astros' primary right fielder, probably isn't going to be made available.
Umm .. I'm not real sure I want to move Luke (especially not for the 5.9 ERA of Lopez)... besides me personally liking pretty much everything about him, if the Astros were to trade him now, I'm not sure they could get a full return of his real value. Luke was stellar last season... but he only played about half a season. I think I would rather hold on to Luke for now instead of trading off another "prospect" this off-season.

Now if the Tigers wanted to go 1 for 1, Luke Scott for Joel Zumaya... then we could possibly talk! As long as he cuts down on his Guitar Hero.

And just incase anyone was thinking about robbing Luke Scott... you might want to think again. Link