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You CAN Buy Something For a Half Million Bucks In Baseball

The team has announced on its website that they have signed right-handed reliever Dave Borkowski to a one-year, $575,000 contract.

Super Dave Mark II threw mostly long relief in 2006, distinguishing himself several times, perhaps most significantly in the early morning hours of April 26 when his flawless four innings of relief proved the key to our 4 - 3 fourteen-inning victory over the Dodgers. He was quite rightfully named Game Hero the following morning, and looking back, I'd probably call Borks' work that night the gutsiest pitching of the entire Astros season.

Borkowski was also the losing pitcher in that devastating 18-inning loss to the Cubs August 15. With Clemens, Qualls, Wheeler, Lidge, Miller, Springer, and Nieve burned, Borkowski threw 5-2/3 scoreless innings under the gun before Matt Murton hit a two-out, two-run single to win the game for the freaking Cubs.

Borks ended up 3 - 2 with a 4.69 and a 1.31 WHIP, but it looks to me as if the outing vs. the Cubs exhausted him. Following his effort against Chicago, his ERA stood at 3.48, and his WHIP was at 1.10

The official site also notes that the 71 innings Borkowski threw was his most since 1999; maybe that had something to do with his tail off, as well.

At any rate, Borkowski definitely had his moments in 2006, and while expecting too much from a long reliever is always a poor idea, I'd have to say this is a good signing.

It's for next to nothing, of course, and Borkowski showed that he could pitch in some tough spots.