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News With Meager Information Department

In lieu of anything more substantial, I'll point your way to this story pertaining to our starting pitching situation from The New York Post.

In it, writer George King tells us that agent Randy Hendricks has acknowledged talking to the Yankees about his two most famous clients, Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens.

"We have talked to the Yankees about [Pettitte and Clemens]," agent Randy Hendricks told The Post via e-mail yesterday. "We have also talked to other teams as well. No decision has been made, but I expect one to be made before Christmas by Andy. Who knows about Roger?"

Low marks for information conveyed, but give Hendricks points for admitting that no-one has any idea what the Rocket might do.

Also tucked into the piece was this little nugget, which I must have missed last month:

At Joe Torre's "Safe At Home Foundation" dinner in November, Pettitte told friends a return to The Bronx was an option.

Could this seriously happen? Could Roger or Andy or both go back to Yankee Stadium? Even Brian Cashman appears to have no clue.

"I wouldn't say," is all he said when asked by King about the nature of his talks with Hendricks.