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Please Welcome . . . .Stros Bro

Very pleased this day, and not just with midterm election results.  Pleased, I say, because I am able to announce the addition of another able blogger to The Crawfish Boxes fold.

Stros Bro, because he is studying web design, will bring similar talents to the table with him as he joins TCB.  And because he kept an excellent and regular blog over at the MLBlogs, I know that he understands the quality standards those of us along the SBNation network are expected to keep. But more importantly, it is  because he is younger than yours truly, and a true Texan to boot, that I believe he will be able to improve the site as well, adding a perspective that quite frankly was probably needed, considering that I am probably older than 90% of my readers, and a Floridian of all things.

The Biggio deal is close to fruition, and the free agent signing period is well-nigh.  As things happen (or even are rumored to happen) in the coming weeks, you can look forward to a new voice around here having something to say about them. . . .