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Double Whammy!

Your Houston Astros today got to at least partially mark off two items on the off season to-do list; one being to acquire a serviceable starting pitcher and the second, and more important thing on the to-do list was to sign someone to protect Lance Berkman.

Today the Astros announced the signing of veteran hurler and Houstonian Woody Williams to a 2 year 12.5 million dollar contract with a club option for a 3rd year. They also signed Carlos "freaking" Lee to a 6 year, 100 million dollar contract making him the highest paid Astro on the books right now. Lee has a full no-trade clause for the first 4 years of the contract and a limited no-trade clause in the last two years.


Next on the list? Hello Andy Pettitte... Make up your mind! The Astros need to know what Andy is going to do. We've got some thump in the line up now. If we can at least add Andy Pettitte back to the rotation the Astros will have to be considered one of the most feared teams in the NL.

My thoughts? I think we overpaid for Lee, but I think we should have. I'm ecstatic on both of these signings. I'm ready for opening day now! I would be okay with not making another move now(besides signing Pettitte). I'm good with keeping Lidge and Ensberg and I'd be okay with going into the season with Ausmus and Quintero behind the plate. I don't think it's a must that we add any other players.