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Will the Astros overpay for Lee?

The last I heard about the Carlos Lee "saga" is that four teams are now interested in him; Astros, Orioles, Giants and Phillies. Since Matthews Jr. got picked up (and overpaid) by the Angels, the Giants added themselves to the list of players in the sweepstakes. It looks right now that the bidding is up around 6 years and 90-100 million which means Lee is looking to cash in for at least 15 million a year. I think 15 million a year is overpaying for Lee, but it doesn't look like any free agent is actually going to get paid only what they are worth... Hell, average middle relievers are going for like 4+ mil a year now. We can still hope though. Lee did stay with his agent after rumors were out that he was going to switch to Scott Boras which gave me hope that he wanted to come to Houston... but who knows.

This off season is really scaring me and I think could possibly send MLB into [eventually] putting salary caps on teams to bring back down players salaries... but that's for a different day.

I'm losing my faith that the Astros are going to sign Lee. At the start of the off season I was really excited and thought that Lee coming to Houston was going to be done and done quickly. Now I'm thinking that with all of the stupid money that is flying around that the Astros aren't going to follow the trend... which means they are going to lose out on any big name free agents...

I would like for the Astros to try and swing a deal with the Braves and pick up Andruw Jones (even though I don't particularly like the cocky son of a b!). Of course that would require Andruw to agree to the trade(being he has the power to veto any trade) and also for the Astros to not only give up something valuable in trade to the Braves, but also deal with the anti-Christ(as far as agents go) in Scott Boras.

I don't really know much... but the one thing I do know... the Astros need to do something. Thoughts? Do you think we should overpay for Lee?


Should the Astros overpay for Lee?

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