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The Clemens & Pettitte 'Roids Story: A Follow Up

I'm not, to be honest, exactly sure where the court of public opinion stands on Roger and Andy as regards their accused steroid use.

My own opinion is that as convincing as a story from The LA Times might have seemed at the time, it is even more convincing when a US attorney goes on record as saying a story is inaccurate.

At first, I thought they were guilty.  Now I don't.

But is this the way it shook down for everybody?

I know that you all surf the web as I do; you read the stuff that I do, and I know I don't need to link to stuff every morning that we're all reading anyway.

But I did want to go out of my way to call your attention to the following, a story by Jon Heynman at that follows up with Clemens' and Pettitte's personal trainer Brian McNamee, a man who took a hit from the story even more severe than those taken by Roger and Andy.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it's interesting to see where the stories go after they're off the front page.