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The Ballad of Christopher Burke

This is a song about Christopher Burke;
A kid whose ethics are mostly 'bout work
Drafted first in oh-one,
Despite the lack of a gun:
"Just don't let 'im play center or short."

Making his debut on the Fourth of July;
Ending the no-no from Pedro with a rather big fly;
Chris was called a good egg,
Even by vet'rans like Craig;
The range may be short, but the guts is sky-high.

In inning eighteen, he went to the Boxes
But his worst moment came vs. the Roxes.
Once praised by The Rocket,
His shoulder came out of its socket--
He'll run into walls to prevent the base knockses.

So this song is for the Burke, name of Chris,
Whose shoulder had been located, dis-.
Now a big fan of Andrews, M.D.,
And besides it was free,
Spring Training '07, he shall not miss!

Get well, soon, Chris</>.