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Astros Statistical Software

The software is no longer offered at the Astrosdaily website, but those who have used it know that Ray Kerby's Astros Statistical Software is as useful, simple-to-use, and powerful as any numbers crunching program anywhere.

And of course you couldn't beat the price, seeing how he gave it away for free.

Mr. Kerby last updated the software in 2002, but I thought it was worth keeping up with, and I've updated my own copy after each season since, having done the 2005 championship season this past weekend.

If you've got a copy of the software, I've posted the latest update of the report.dat file here:

The .dat file is treated as a web page by the IE browser, so you can select all, copy, and paste into a notepad file you then save as report.dat, or you can save a textfile from the IE menu as report.dat.txt, then rename it as report.dat.

And of course, if you have Linux you know how to figure out what you need to do for yourself.

If you need the software, as well, since it's no longer at Astrosdaily, I went ahead and uploaded that, too, at

These two files will give you the ability to make complicated statistical queries on any Astro or Colt .45 player or team.  Just make sure that the executable and the data file are saved to the same folder. . . .

Give it a try; it's a great program, and a bunch of fun to mess around with.  

Simply copying and pasting the data between Baseball-Reference  and my hard drive this past weekend reminded me of a whole bunch of interesting 2005 events for the Astros, events I might have otherwise forgotten, like:

  • Berkman's team-leading 18 GIDP's
  • Bruntlett starts a game-saving double play from right . . . in the only game he plays there all year.
  • Craig Biggio--a 39-year old man, mind you--steals 11 bases and is caught just once.
  • Brad Ausmus plays an inning at short and smoothly anchors a double play
  • Jose Vizcaino hits a home run (?)
  • And so does Todd Self
  • Raul Chavez throws out 11 of 18 would-be basestealers
  • Zeke Astacio walks 25 and strikes out 66, which I think raises all kinds of interesting possibilities for the future.

So yeah, check it out.