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Doggin' on Preston Some More

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So I'm not sure what this means, and I'm not sure if others have noticed it,  but Craig Biggio and Preston Wilson, at least offensively, were like two peas in a pod for 2005.  

Same OPS+.  Same OBP.  Batting average within four points.

If it weren't for Preston's K's, which I spent so much time bitching about yesterday, and maybe Craig's doubles, you'd need to put 'em in a lineup to differentiate the two.

Actually, I guess I've figured out what my point is.  If a certain skill set can be received from a 40-year-old second baseman, then why should we be happy if we get that same set from a 31-year-old outfielder?

Especially if some team chemistry which got you pretty far the year before is disturbed?

More bad news:  Baseball Reference says the most similar batter to Wilson, and second most similar through age 30, is Richard Hidalgo.

As much time as I spent defending Hidalgo while he was a member of the Astros, time has definitely made its judgement on Reeshard.  

These are some harsh vibes, people. And I don't just mean the garish colors on my chart.