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It's Wade Miller's Fault

Before the Decline

They're getting all happy over at Bleed Cubbie Blue because the Cubs signed Wade Miller today.

I think they need to temper their enthusiasm.

Lost in the hullaballoo about Carlos Beltran last winter was that one of Purpura's first moves as GM was in granting Miller his free agency. Purpura by then had shown so little interest that Miller signed with the Red Sox the following day.

At the time, I questioned the move, but the 2005 season showed that Purpura and the Astros knew exactly what they were doing.  

You don't realize it, because Miller's 2003 season featured some very well pitched games by the righthander, but it's been four years since Miller has had a winning percentage greater than .518.  After starting his major league career 37 - 19, Miller is 25 - 24 in the three years since.

If I remember correctly, during 2004 and in its subsequent offseason, there were rumors that Miller had hidden pain in his shoulder, and refused to have surgery once the injury was known.  But since then, there have been more stories that it may have been a work ethic thing with Wade.  

I wouldn't have minded seeing Wade do well with the Red Sox last year, but now he's a Cub, and it's a little different story:  with the Cubs eyeing a May return for Miller after his September surgery, I neither want, nor expect, Miller to find success with the Cubs