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Bagwell Hooks Gear

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I--along with several other Astro fans with a web presence--just received an email from the AA Corpus Christi Hooks asking me if I can spread some news.

Evidently, after his recently completed rehab assignment at Corpus Christi, Jeff Bagwell signed in the presence of the Corpus team president his Hooks jersey and cap, along with a game-used black Louisville Slugger and a Texas League baseball.

Now it seems that the Hooks have contracted an agent to sell the goods that Bagwell donated with all proceeds going to American Red Cross and the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.  

The Hooks wrote me an email asking me to publicize the auction, and after a little bit of thought, I am doing so.  The Hooks and the American Red Cross are obviously unimpeachable sources, with Jeff Bagwell being only a smidgen less so.  It is the agent I'm not so sure of.

While the agent does not have spotless feedback, the email was in fact sent to me by the President of the Hooks, and the authenticity of the items is unquestioned.  The cause, it goes without saying, is of supreme importance.

Of course, these items won't be for everybody, as bidding has already gone  over $3000 as I write, with two more days remaining before the auction closes.  But for those serious about their Astros memorabilia, this auction will both acquire them some literally unique items, and help an agency that has done more than anyone to help in the aftermath of this brutal storm.

You can view the auction here:

Bagwell Hooks Gear on Ebay