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Game Hero 75 - 64

Craig Biggio
  • Shocked me, shocked Brownie, shocked JD, shocked Billy Wagner, shocked Phil Garner, I'm sure
  • First time he's homered in consecutive road games since September 5 and 6, 2003 (@ San Diego).
  • 20th homer of the year, the seventh time in his career he's reached that milestone
  • And of course, now owner of a perfect 4.000 lifetime SLG against Billy Wagner
  • 1 - 5, 3 RBI, 1R
Click for the larger version at ESPN
This photo was taken shortly after the devastating blast.

I mean, the Taveras at bat was interesting, and yet another David Bell error was kind of funny, but that game was over, right?

Done, finished, concluded, right? Two out of three wasn't bad, kind of ironic we score five but the bullpen fails, and get 'em in Milwaukee. . . .

Instead, Biggio, with a single swing on a 1 - 1 pitch, raises the popular conception of Taveras' speed to the nearly-legendary, and lowers the goathood of David Bell to previously unplumbed depths.

A theme lately has been my attempt to NOT overestimate the momentum accrued or subtracted after a dramatic win or a crushing loss, but I am sorely tempted to make bold pronouncements using words that begin with a capital D.

I'll refrain, but I am sorely tempted.