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Salem Loses One-Game Playoff

Tuesday night, the Salem Avalanche lost a one-game playoff for the 2nd Half Carolina League Southern Division Crown.

In losing to the Winston-Salem Warthogs, the Avalanche guarantee that no Astro affiliate will make their league's playoffs.

Previously, the Lexington Legends, our SAL affiliate, had lost a one-game playoff for the South Atlantic League Northern Division first half title.

Mitch Talbot (8 - 11) took the loss for the Avalanche, and Mike Floyd hit an eighth-inning homer that got the game close.

After taking a pretty good look at the minors through the first half of the seaon (and especially at the Legends), The Crawfish Boxes kinda let that part of it get away after the All-Star break. And we regret it.

Both Salem and Corpus Christi bounced back very well after poor first halves, and Greeneville, after a terrible start, was an interesting team with both Koby Clemens and Garth Iorg offering tantalizing glimpses of what may lie ahead.

We wish we'd caught more of it, and shared what we caught.