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Matchup/Diary Game # 136


Jason Marquis   Wandy Rodriguez
10 - 13, 4.42    9 - 6, 5.94
We pretty much got the breaks yesterday and won the game. And they got the breaks tonight, and made the plays when they had to make. That's the reason why they won tonight."

--- Lance Berkman, not quite the Philosopher-King, on the official site.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I couldn't put it any better than Lance did. We got lucky and played good Friday. They got lucky and played good Saturday.

This stuff is not hard to analyze, people. It doesn't take a prophet.

Take for instance today, when it seems very clear that the Astros have the advantage from yesterday, in that they are experiencing only a slight dropoff in pitchers' winning percentage, going from Clemens (11 - 6) to Rodriguez (9-6).
The Cardinals, on the other hand, will have to endure a much larger drop in pitching quality, going from Carpenter (20 - 4) to Marquis (10 -13).

That's a 2 win, no-loss dropoff for the 'Stros, and a 10 win, 9 loss dropoff for the Cardinals.

And the game was close yesterday. . . .

I ask, how much more transparent can you get? I thus predict the Astros shall clearly gain the day.

Just don't call me a red-faced idiot if I'm wrong, OK?

Wandy Power!™