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Matchup/Diary Game # 160 vs. Cubs


Carlos Zambrano   Andy Pettitte
14 - 6, 3.33    17 - 9, 2.42

Here's guessing that the Astros decrease the magic number to one tonight, as Andy Pettitte, 10 - 4 with a 2.18 at home, and fresh off an excellent start against Chicago, outduels Carlos Zambrano, who is almost ordinary on the road, at 7 - 4 with a 3.94.

But Cory Lidle at 7- 6 with 1 3.77 is a better road pitcher than El Caballo (7 - 7, 3.78) is at RFK. Livan also is clear to have his knee operated on as soon as this game is finished, so I'm thinking maybe he pitches to get it over with rather than pitches to win.

The clinch is coming, though; hang in there.

Wild Card Today
Teams Pitching
Philadelphia Cory
12 11 4.65
Washington Livan
15 9 3.95