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Matchup/Diary Game # 135 vs. Cardinals


Chris Carpenter   Rogér Clemens
19 - 4, 2.29    11 - 6, 1.51
vs. Opp
vs. Opp
vs. Opp
Carpenter 3 - 0 0.38 .190
Clemens 1 - 1 2.37 .250

Chris Carpenter comes in having won his last 11 starts, while Roger Clemens comes in having won none of his last four.

Carpenter is 11 - 0 with a 1.99 on the road, while Clemens is 5 - 4 with a 2.40 at home.

The Astros' most powerful hitters, Ensberg and Berkman, are hitting .183 and .125 against Carpenter, respectively. The Cards most powerful hitters, Pujols and Edmonds, are hitting .255 and .222, respectively, against Clemens.

Look, the signs kind of point toward Carpenter and the Cardinals in this supposed Cy Young showdown. But hey, everything pointed in the Cards' direction last night, as well. And you saw what happened there. Or at least I hope you did.

Besides, has anyone been surprised at ANYTHING Clemens has done this season?

For all we know, Roger'll no-hit the Cardinals tonight.

Or hit two homers.

This should be a horribly tense, frustrating affair to watch. I doubt it will go back and forth to the extent that last night's contest did, but I'd say it's very unlikely that both teams won't have a chance at taking the thing as they enter the ninth. And if it comes down to momentum, after last night, it's safe to say the Astros have it.

Biggio is 6 for 16 against Carpenter this year; Lamb is 4 for 11 with 3 doubles. Berkman's lone hit against Carpenter was a homer, and he's walked three times.