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Game Hero 72 - 62

STL (85-50) 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0   1 0 0 1   5 13 0
HOU (72-62) 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1   1 0 0 2 6  8 0
The Team, in its Entirety
  • Refuse to Lose
  • Eric Bruntlett is huge for the 13th inning single with two outs that wins the game.
  • Orlando Palmeiro is huge for fouling off the tough third pitch, so he gets to the HBP that drives in Chavez to tie the game, again.
  • Chad Qualls is huge for getting Pujols with two outs in the twelfth, and for regrouping after the Edmonds solo shot in the 13th.
  • Brad Lidge is huge for getting the Cardinals in order in the 11th.
  • Brad Ausmus is huge for the improbable 10th inning solo shot that tied the game, for the second time.
  • Morgan Ensberg is huge for the homer in the bottom of the ninth, only the first time the Astros came through do-or-die.
  • Russ Springer is huge for keeping the game close after Ezequiel Astacio ran out of gas.
  • Ezequiel Astacio is huge for going well beyond what the Astros must have counted on, 5-2/3 innings with 3 runs allowed
  • And Luke Scott could have been huge for the clutch 12th inning walk that pushed Ausmus into scoring position.
  • And Craig Biggio could have been huge for his pulse-pounding 11th-inning leadoff double.
  • And Dan Wheeler was valiant as well; and I refuse to blame him for giving up a double to Albert freaking Pujols, only the best clean-living player in the game.

I hate to babble, but I have just witnessed an incredible baseball game. I truly have pity for those who were not able to watch as its tension grew, and then was finally released in ultimate Astros victory.

The Astros have now won four in a row, with an extremely clutch victory under their belts. I'd be very much surprised if the team were not able to support Clemens tomorrow, and then were not able to ride this momentum for most of the month of September.

Individual performances like the ones you saw tonight (if you were fortunate) are not to be denied.

This Game Hero was brought to you by a six-pack of Whitbread Ale