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Matchup/Preview/Diary Game # 159 vs. Cubs


Glendon Rusch   Wandy Rodriguez
8 - 8, 4.62    10 - 9, 5.62
"It's really cool to have a magic number, for goodness sake"
--- Morgan Ensberg

And we think it's peachy keen ourselves, Morgan.

119/128 or 92.96% are the current odds of the Astros getting in, slightly lower than yesterday, but hey, the Phillies won.

A simple way of looking at it might be that the Phils need a sweep--either of the Astros in Houston by the Cubs, or of the Nationals by themselves in Washington. If one or the other doesn't occur, the 'Stros are in.

And of course, Houston clinches the tie, and a worst-case scenario of the one-game playoff in Philly Monday with a win tonight.

Wandy vs. Glendon Rusch again tonight, and while Wandy's last start against Rusch in Chicago wasn't his worst start of the year, it was close. Wandy is now 1 - 2 with a 7.02 against the Cubs for the year, with 13 runs allowed vs. 12 strikeouts. He's given up four homers to Chicago and has a WHIP of 1.58.

But I do have good news. Most of the damage has been done at Wrigley. Wandy vs. the Cubs in Houston is slightly better: 1 - 0 with a 5.14 in seven innings, still two homers, four walks and 2 K's. Not great, but a little more reason for optimism, anyway.

The main thing here is that the 'Stros found Rusch hittable last time out, and that shouldn't change tonight, with the electricity of the crowd sure to be added into the mix. It could get seriously rocking if the Astros take a two run lead or so.

Wandy Power! ™

OPS vs. Each Other
vs. HOU
Cub Pos Astro OPS
vs. CHC
.546 Michael Barrett C1 Brad Ausmus .634 x
.250 Hanry Blanco C2 Raul Chavez .571 x
x 1.037 Derrek Lee 1B Lance Berkman .862
x .917 Todd Walker 2B Craig Biggio .778
.522 Neifi Perez SS Adam Everett .698 x
x 1.155 Nomar Garciaparra 3B Morgan Ensberg .957
x .856 Matt Murton OF1 Willy Taveras .689
x .749 Jeromy Burnitz OF2 Jason Lane .661
.558 Jerry Harston Jr. OF3 Chris Burke 1.167 x
x .635 Corey Patterson OF4 Orlando Palmeiro .429
.423 Jose Macias Util/PH Mike Lamb .663 x
.000 Glendon Rusch P1 Wandy Rodriguez .762 x
x 1.000 Carlos Zambrano P2 Andy Pettitte .000
x .000 Jerome Williams P3 Roger Clemens 1.000
x .333 Greg Maddux P4 Roy Oswalt .000