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Game Hero, 87 - 71

Morgan Ensberg
  • 4 - 5, 2R, the one RBI wins the game
  • Third 4-Hit Game of the year (May 15, August 15)
  • RBI # 100; becomes the first third baseman in team history to drive in 100 runs
  • Soon as I lecture forth on how the offense is irrelevant come playoff time, they score 7 runs.

Definitely a winnable series, and Carpenter was definitely hittable. Back to back jacks in the fifth! My word, looks like Mr. Carpenter needs some quality time with either his pitching coach, or his physical therapist. . .

When Walker singled with two outs in the seventh, La Russa ran for Walker, and ended up subbing for Sanders, who had hit two homers. And when he began the ninth with Isringhausen, what was he going to do if Izzy got the side in order? Bat Isringhausen, or pinch-hit for him?

Sometimes I think La Russa is his own worst enemy.

A win against the Cubs tomorrow gets the magic number to one: first Phillies loss or Astro win gets the job done.

Oswalt had been slated to pitch Sunday for the playoff spot, but what if we don't need him to? Might be nice to start Zeke on Sunday if we've clinched and start Roy in Games One and Five of the Atlanta series. But he still wants 20 wins, I'd imagine. . . . wonder how that will play out?

Top 5 Astro Third-Sacker RBI Years
Name Year RBI
Morgan Ensberg 2005 100*
Sean Berry 1996 95  
Denis Menke 1970 92  
Doug Rader 1972 90  
Doug Rader 1973 89  
*So far