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Matchup/Diary Game # 156 at Cubs


Andy Pettitte   Jerome Williams
17 - 9, 2.45    5 - 9, 4.39

Back to two up in the WC, and today we've got the decided edge in the pitching matchup, which could not be said for either of the first two games in this current series.

It was the Cubs, however, who pasted one of only two losses since June 20 on Andy's back. On August 16, Greg Maddux outpitched Pettitte, as Andy gave up three runs over seven in the Cubs' 4 - 1 victory at Minute Maid Park.

However, if And duplicates that performance today, you'd think the Astros would notch the W, no?

Jerome Williams last faced the Astros as a member of the Giants in April of 2004, and he took the loss in Roger Clemens' first game as a Houston Astro. Williams gave up six hits and five runs over six innings that day. 'Course the game was played at MMP, and it was Bagwell, Hidalgo, and Kent who took the man deep, so perhaps the situation is not as dire for the Cubs as it might appear at first glance.

Biggio is 3 for 7 with two doubles against Williams; Berkman is 2 for 6 with a double of his own. Bagwell does have the only homer among current Astros against him.

Speaking of Biggio, Craig's next homer will be a career high of 25, and his next double will tie Cal Ripken for twelfth all-time at 603. Four more this year, though it probably won't happen, would send him into the offseason in sole possession of tenth place on the all-time list.

Wild Card Today
Teams Pitching
Philadelphia Cory
11 11 4.74
Cincinatti Randy
2 0 5.85