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Matchup/Preview Game # 154 at Cubs


Wandy Rodriguez   Glendon Rusch
10 - 8, 5.43    7 - 8, 4.59

The first of three straight day games for the Astros, who come in 24 - 21 with the sun shining overhead. Chicago comes in 39 - 40 under the same conditions.

Wandy vs. Glendon Rusch is certainly winnable, though a case of Wrigley shock for Mr. Rodriguez is not out of the question.

Zambrano vs. Clemens Saturday worries me quite a bit. Carlos Zambrano is 3 - 0 in September with a 3.94, while poor Roger is 1 - 2 with a 5.40. But I also suspect that as soon as you notice the trend toward mediocrity for Roger, he'll produce something to break it. Hamstring or no.

[Update]: Clemens has been scratched from Saturday's game, and Ezequiel Astacio will start instead against Zambrano. If I was worried before, now I'm terrified. Go Reds! [/End Update]

And of course, there are no locks, but Pettitte on Sunday vs. Jerome Williams is basically a lock.

Looks like the Cubs will still be without Aramis Ramirez for this series, although it's looking like he will be available for the four-game series at MMP next weekend. In his stead, Nomar Garciaparra will be playing third, getting the always noteworthy Neifi Perez back into the starting nine for the Cubs.

Daytime OPS
Cub Pos Astro Daytime
x .790 Michael Barrett C1 Brad Ausmus .548
x .683 Hanry Blanco C2 Raul Chavez .509
x 1.114 Derrek Lee 1B Lance Berkman .953
x .762 Todd Walker 2B Craig Biggio .652
x .752 Neifi Perez SS Adam Everett .597
.710 Nomar Garciaparra 3B Morgan Ensberg .925 x
x .864 Matt Murton OF1 Chris Burke .756
x .768 Jeromy Burnitz OF2 Jason Lane .727
.654 Jerry Harston Jr. OF3 Orlando Palmeiro .630
.602 Corey Patterson OF4 Willy Taveras .564
.547 Jose Macias Util/PH Eric Bruntlett 1.032 x
.388 Glendon Rusch P1 Wandy Rodriguez .286 x
x .683 Carlos Zambrano P2 Ezequiel Astacio .000
.000 Jerome Williams P3 Andy Pettitte .192 x
Wild Card Today/Tonight
Teams Pitching
Philadelphia Vicente
8 12 4.43
Cincinatti Aaron
10 13 3.61
Florida Josh
15 8 3.51
Atlanta John
14 7 3.02

Wandy Power! ™