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Game Hero, 84 - 69

Brandon Backe
  • W, 10 - 8; another HUGE victory for Brandon
  • Game Score of 75 is his second highest this year
  • 89 pitches, 61 strikes
  • 2 hits no walks, six strikeouts
  • Batting average takes a hit, though

Good thing that Backe followed up a good game with a great one, and proved that at least one Astro pitcher can get Pirates out, because Philadelphia dropped another fourspot on Atlanta in the ninth inning today. This time it was Shane Victorino doing the brunt of the damage, hitting a three-run shot off Tim Hudson after Ryan Howard had scored on a Michael Tucker single.

Astros remain two in front of the Phillies, who have won eight of 11, and taken five of seven from the Bravos. Hopefully, Atlanta will prove to be as equally accomodating during the late innings when the playoffs roll around.

That is, if Atlanta even makes the playoffs. The Braves have now lost their last three series, and some think that the Phillies, down by four in the East as I write, can still win the division.

Astros themselves have won eight of nine, and fourteen this month. Three in Chicago now, while Philly travels to Cincinatti.

Those reading in Texas/West Louisiana, please stay safe.